A few things I need to be reminded of. . .

1. Few things are more important than your health. Schedule regular physicals and gyno appointments. Learn how to do a breast exam. Never be afraid to talk to a doctor if you suspect something is wrong, no matter how embarrassing. They’ve seen it all before and they will not be alarmed.

Its good to have a doctor friend in your phone book. You never know when you may have a question or when you have no insurance, your health should be priority.

2. You don’t have to want your own kids. That’s not to say that knowing you do want children is bad — of course, it’s not! But opting out of motherhood or choosing adoption are also a completely valid choices.

3. You don’t need to apologize for everything. As ohmycat points out, “It’s only two words but saying it 10 times a day every day will start to affect how you view yourself and others around you. “

4. “Feminist” is not a dirty word, contrary to what some celebrities would have you believe. We agree with zombiekittiez on this one: “If something isn’t fair or isn’t right, you don’t have to keep quiet and act like a ‘lady.’ You are a person before you are a woman.”

5. ‘Your actions speak louder than the pattern you chose to wear.’ -esmichelesreflection.

If anyone says anything. . .look at it like this-

way i dress

ridiculous. . . right? So don’t allow anyone to dress you how they want you to look. Its their own insecurities projected onto you.



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