18 Things White People Seem To Not Understand (Because, White Privilege)

Also most of this applies to anyone who is Hearing Privilege. . .

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I don’t wake up every morning with the intention of pissing you off, I swear, and whether or not you believe it, I’m here to help you. I want you to recognize that on a daily basis, you hold a set of advantages and immunities that are a direct result of the oppression of people of colour. That doesn’t sound nice, does it? Makes you squirm in your chair a bit and maybe feel a little uncomfortable, right?
But here’s the thing – I’m not here to make you feel comfortable, that’s not my job. I’m here to erase the invisibility of the privileges you have that continue to help maintain white supremacy. I’m here to show you what your…

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The Life Cycle of an ASL Student


Bring Me That Horizon

You’ve discovered the magic of ASL.

You’re the teacher’s pet in your class.

You watch ASL videos on YouTube like a fiend.

You even go to an occasional Deaf event. 

Trouble With ASL, Student, Class, Deaf Culture Problems, Spying on People GIF






(Well, no one said you actually had to go in and meet people…)

You know you’ve found your life calling.


But it hasn’t always been this way. You’ve paid your dues and survived the life cycle of an ASL student. It’s been a hard road getting here.

Remember your first day of class, when you looked like this…

And facial expressions didn’t come easily…

…at all…

Trouble With ASL, Student, Class, Deaf Culture Problems, Write Everything, GIF ASL Facial Expressions





…No matter how hard you tried.


Two hours into your class’s “Deaf Day”, you resorted to writing everything down just to achieve basic communication.

Remember the first time a Deaf person signed to you…

…and uncontrolled panic took over…


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